1. Dorm Supplies: Dorm life requires many different supplies. From air fresheners, to closet organizers, to cleaning supplies, helping your college student out with a goody bag of these helpful items is a great, and festive, way to kick their college life off on a great foot.
  2. Strong Backpack: College students can lug around an average of 1-4 books per class everyday. Getting your new student a durable backpack is a great gift for a happy back.
  3. Quilt: During long nights studying, it can be lovely to have a cozy quilt keeping you warm. Make your college student a quilt stitched with memories to snuggle with on late nights.


Are you interested in stitching a quilt for your college-bound freshman? Mill House Quilts offers all the supplies you need for stitching a beautiful, memory filled quilt, to keep your college freshman cozy at school.