Mill House Quilts has a HUGE selection of batik fabrics for you to choose from when you visit their store.

Did you know?  You can also shop online from Mill House Quilts.  Check out the Batik session HERE.

I personally love the richness of batik fabrics.  I want to buy it all!!!!  I also have no problem mixing batiks with other fabrics - commerical prints, hand-dyed, even homespun - to create even more depth in my quilts.

Soul's Blossom

This particular quilt - 'Souls Blossom' mixes batiks, dyed fabric, and commercial prints.  I just love how they all play together!

[caption id="attachment_119" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="batik fabric for sale"]batik fabric for sale[/caption]

Here are some fun facts about Batik Fabrics:

  • Batik fabric prints are made with a wax-resist dyeing method.
  • October 2nd is celebrated as Natonal Batik Day in Indonesia.

Batik Fabric for Sale

  • Three airlines have their flight attendents were batik prints in their uniforms - Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Malaysian Airlines.
  • Batik is traditioanlly sold in 2.25 meter lengths for sarongs.
  • Light colored batiks are not as common.  If you find some that you love, stock up as much as your budget allows you too!  These are great for backgrounds and necessary for contrast to make other elements of your quilt 'pop'.

Batik fabric for sale

Are you like me and havea hard time deciding on which batiks to purchase because you just love them all!?  Have no fear!

batike bales of fabric for sale

Mill House Quilts has a plethora of batik bales for sale!  This is a great way to get a bunch of different batiks that still fit into your budget!

Next time you stop in at Mill House Quilts, take a few minutes (or hours) to browse the beauitful selection of batiks they have.  Before you know it you'll have fallen in love with the rich colors, smooth texture, and lovely prints.