Are you like me and have a ridiculous number of 2 ½” fabric strips in your stash? Well - Mill House Quilts has the perfect class for you!

Join instructor Jane Vaughn on Thursday, June 16th from 9:30 to 2:30 and make this fabulous Bento Box Quilt! I love the fact that it looks like a really complicated quilt … BUT once the steps are broken down it will be way easier to make than it looks!

Call Mill House Quilts today to reserve your spot!

Cost: $99

Rustle up your 2 ½” strips and sew this geometric quilt. It looks great in all kinds of contrasting fabrics and thirty blocks make this quilt a keeper. Jane will give you some tips that make joining the blocks easy and finishing beautifully. You may purchase a kit or dive into your stash for sixty 2 ½” strips.