It’s no secret – I adore the teacher for this class. Trisha Frankland has become one of my best friends over the years. I’ve had the honor of co-teaching with her, working on projects with her and having her by my side for some of the biggest events of my life. I won’t hesitate to vouch for Trish on her amazing teaching skills and patience. Trish came over to my house and taught my 6 year old how to machine bind a quilt and it was AFTER my daughter’s bedtime. Her binding looked perfect! Now if it was me, I would have probably tried to help for about 2 seconds and then just took over and did it for her. Not Trish – she took the time to explain what was happening, why one would do such a thing and patiently watched and guided her as she works. This is truly what taking a class from Trisha is like … oh, and she’s super funny too!

Here’s your opportunity to take a class from Trish and it’s a great one!

Class Details: Saturday, July 30, 9:30 – 3:30

Instructor: Trish Frankland Cost: $$45

Looking for a fast finish, or a last minute gift? This speedy quilt takes the “jelly roll race” idea further for a fabulous finish that doesn’t look rushed. Easy enough for beginners, still satisfying for an expert.