The fashion industry is known for being copy cats. One designer has a trend and it spreads like wildfire. Think about what you’re wearing right now, what does is say about you? Does it say I’m a robot and can’t think for myself; I saw this shirt on the floor and I hope it’s clean or does it speak to your personality.

Research reports that people who have their own unique style get more respect, are looked upon as intelligent and shows that they have confidence in who they are and what they do. You’re fashion is first impression someone has of you. So why not make that impression brilliant?

Who are you?

Fashion is an opportunity to speak without words. So who are you? What message do you want your outfit to say? If you were a teenage punk and are now getting your first job at a firm you don’t have to kill that punk fashion, use it to your advantage. Vintage shirts with lace and ruffles, button ups with bow ties or heals that tie up like combat boots are great ways show that punk and professional side of you. No matter what the event is, you can always put who you are into your fashion while still wearing to appropriate attire.

Can anyone else buy this?

Thrift shops are a great place to get those one of a kind fashion pieces but if you really want to be fashionably brilliant then be your own designer. You can buy all types of unique fabrics for a great price at Making your own fashion is not about being superficial; it’s a form non-verbal art that sends a message to those around you. Using something as simple as a few materials to send a message, well that’s pretty brilliant.