Attention everyone!!!! TOMORROW, March 18th is National Quilting Day!? How do you plan to celebrate! Hopefully with at least a little bit of quilting … and if not quilting at the very least fabric shopping. Stop on in and we can help you celebrate the holiday – we have lots of amazing fabric for sale and new bolts are arriving frequently!

25th Anniversary National Quilt Day March 19 2016

A few fun facts:

National Quilting Day unofficially started in 1989 when the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society organized a “Quilters’ Day Out” on the third Saturday of March .

It didn’t take long to catch on Nationally and started in 1992, the third Saturday in March is officially “National Quilting Day.”

Helen Storbeck, one of the founders of National Quilting Day, wrote in The Quilting Quarterly, “Groups of quilters were encouraged to hold special events, publishers and shop owners were invited to sponsor promotions especially for quilters and it quickly became a grassroots endeavor with quilters in every part of the country participating.  In the first year of National Quilting Day, quilters in other countries asked to participate. They were welcomed with open arms. As our feelings of a community network has evolved to include a world community, it is only appropriate that quilters and quilt lovers everywhere united to give recognition to the special art form.”

National Quilt Day

What are a few things you could do on National Quilting Day?

  • Shop at Mill House Quilts for more fabric.
  • Quilt! Invite some friends over, make some snacks and have some beverages!
  • Catch up on the free quilt along going on with designers from all over the world – The Splendid Sampler.
  • Sort your fabrics by color!

National Quilting Day is a great excuse to spend even more time sewing, quilting and buying more fabric for your stash – don’t miss out!