Are you afraid of quilting on your sewing machine? I have to admit … I sometimes send my quilts away to the “professional” because I don’t want to mess up all that hard work piecing! I’ve found though that starting small and practice, practice, practice has really helped me grow my confidence in myself and my skills as a quilter. This is a class I wish I would have taken years ago – hmmm … maybe I still will!


Thursday and Friday, June 23 and 24, 9:30-3:30

Instructor: Cindy Fenster Cost: $$85

Here is your chance to quilt it yourself on your own sewing machine. The first day Cindy will help you determine your quilting technique and the designs that are best for you and your quilt. You will learn to quilt straight and slightly curved lines using your walking foot. You will learn a strategy for dividing your quilt into large sections for ease of handling. You will help each other prepare everyone’s quilt sandwiches. Cindy will help you set up your machine with the correct needle and thread choice. You will spend the rest of the first day quilting. You may leave your machine overnight. The second day you will continue quilting. Cindy will help troubleshoot any difficulties and be there for encouragement. By the end of the class you will have learned how to successfully machine quilt. Your quilt will be done or almost done, and you will have done it yourself! Note: If you choose to free motion quilt, you will need to have had a class and/or experience free motion quilting. Cindy has a class on Machine Quilting May 7, where she teaches free motion and machine guided quilting. It would be a great way to get the instruction and practice necessary to free motion quilt.