This past week at Quilt Expo, quilts made by membmers of the First Thursday of the Month Club were proudly displayed.  It was an honor to have the quilts chosen for this show.  Ify you were unable to make it to the show ... be sure to take some time to look at the pictures of the quilts below.  They are all just stunning!

In 2014, Mill House Quilts' First Thursday Block of the Month Club studied the book A Flock of Feathered Stars: Paper Pieced for Perfection by Carolyn Cullinan McCormick.  Each year, this group of experienced quitlers chooses a project to study.  They delight in seeing how many different ways there can be to make the same things.

This book presented a new challenge because each of the 17 different feathered star blocks were constructed with paper piecing.  Each member could make whichever block she chose and assemble into whatever project she wanted.  We hope you enjoy the quilts!

Unfortunately I was unable to read the name of the creators on all of my photos so please let me know if you are the creator and I'll be sure to add your name under the quilt!

Feathered Star

Starry Night

Star Light, Star Bright!

Summer's Stars

Feathered Starry Night

Blue Feathers by Maren Anderson

Stars Unlimited by Dianne Larson

Hearts & Feathers by Kathy Stroshane

Feathering My Nest by Mary Joy Johnson

Two Star Studies by Jan Zimmerman

Stars in Stars by Ardell Christianson

Star Bright by Dorothea Murphy

Aren't these all just so beautiful!  I definitely have to give these feathered stars a try someday!