I don’t know about you but whenever someone finds out I’m a quilter the first thing they ask is if I’ll make them a T-shirt quilt. I have to be honest … I’ve never made one! Now that my girls are getting older and the t-shirts are starting to create quite the pile in there closet … in there dresser … and on the floors … I’m seeing the appeal of making these cozy, memory filled quilts. I’ve also had the pleasure of taking a class by the instructor – Dianne Larson – before and I know whomever signs up will go home happy and full of new knowledge!

Class Details: Thursday, July 28, 9:30-2:00

Instructor: Dianne Larson Cost: $$36

Memory quilts make great gifts for many occasions. Bring all the T-shirts you would like to use. Dianne will show you several different ways to make T-shirt quilts using any number of shirts. It is best to bring your shirts uncut.