The Bale Challenge Quilts were hanging at Mill House Quilts for the end of August and it was a gorgeous show!  Have no fear though if you didn't make it in to check it out ...  I took pictures!  I don't know the names behind each of the quilt so please let me know if it's yours and I'll edit the post!

Quilt 1 - by Elizabeth Oner

Third Place!

Quilt 2 by Becky Jurkuta

Quilt 3

Quilt 4

Quilt 5

Quilt 6

Quilt 7

Quilt 8 by Audrey Manning, Quilted by Marcia Wachuta

Quilt 9

Quilt 10 by Barbara Mayhew


Quit 11 by Beth Anderson!

Quilt 12

Quilt 13

Second Place!

Quilt 14 by Evelyn Larrison

Quit 15

Quilt 16 - by Kim Lapacek

Bale Challenge Quilt Collage

In summary ...

The three happy Bale Identity winners are:

1. Beth Anderson #11

2. Evelyn Larrison #14

3. Becky Jurkuta, #2

Congratulations to you three!  And bravo to everyone!  These quilts are stunning!  Way to take on a challenge and create some beautiful quilts!