As we move along into 2016 I want to keep featuring the clubs that are offered at Mill House Quilts! Let’s see what you can participate in during the 2nd week of the month.


2nd Thursday 1:00-2:00 FREE

What is a miniature? Is it making a block or quilt smaller than the original size? Is it making a quilt to fit size requirements for a quilt show? Can one large block be a miniature quilt? We’ll start the discussion at our first meeting. Thursday, January 14. Come, join us. Hosted by Evelyn Larrison


2nd Thursday • 6:00-7:00 • FREE

Join the fun at the only Strip Club in Waunakee! Each month we exchange twelve 2 ½” strips in a certain color or theme, and we are challenged with blocks in which to use them. Fabrics for January – yellow, February – insect or bug prints, March – owl prints and April – gray fabrics. The twelve 2 ½” strips should be 100% cotton and cut the width of the fabric. They can be all the same or different fabrics. Packets of pre-cut strips are available at Mill House. Each month has a block designed by Jane that uses some of your strips. New members always welcome. Hosted by Jane Vaughan. 


2nd Friday • 9:30-12:00 • FREE

Betsey’s Garden, a twelve block appliqué pattern, is the featured pattern for a year of study starting in September. We’ll spend the first hour with a presentation from the pattern, and then you may work on your Betsy’s Garden, or any other appliqué project you wish for the remainder of the morning. It’s a great time to share ideas, help, and talk about the projects. Pattern required. New members always welcome. Hosted by Audrey Manning 


2nd Saturday • 9:30-10:30 • FREE 

Scrap lovers unite. Each month we’ll share ideas through show and tell, and you’ll get a free pattern as an incentive to dig into your stash. If you start the free pattern by the next month, you have a chance to win free fat quarters. New members always welcome.