New Products

Bernina New Products

  • Brand new, re-engineered 5 Series. More room, 1.5 wider, quieter, bigger bobbin, Bernina hook, thread cutter and dual feed, all standard features of the new 5 Series. The new machine are the 535, 570 Quilters Edition and the 590. In addititon, Bernina has added an embroidery only machine, the 500. 

Juki New QVP Products

  • DX-1500QVP - Thread cutter (foot control or button), extension table, 9 feet, and more.
  • MO-1200QVP - 2/3/4 Thread Overlock with differential feed, rolled hem and stitch length controls
  • MCS-1700QVP - Overlock with chainstitch and coverstitch 
  • J-150QVP - High speed mid-arm quilting and sewing with digital technology. Large table with 12" under arm space.



Bernina Scratch Off Summer Promotion - June 7 - 18

  • Purchase a Bernina new sewing machine and receive up to $1000 off on Bernina sewing, quilting, sergers, and long arm machines. 
  • All Bernina feet 25% off, June 7 - June 18.


  • Juki MO-2000 QVP on sale for $1,099. 2/3/4 thread overlock with differential feed and rolled hem. The best part of this serger is the upper and lower automatic air threading.  

Entry level machines at great prices. Quality machines from Eversewn, Bernette, and Juki. Perfect for retreats and classes. Makes a great gift. 

  • Juki HZL80 - $349
  • Juki HZL70 - $249
  • Eversewn Sparrow 30 - $399
  • Eversewn Sparrow 25 - $329
  • Eversewn Sparrow 20 - $279

Clearance machines

  • Bernina 530 floor model - $1699. Add the Bernina Stitch Regulator for $500
  • Bernina 570QE floor model - $2999
  • Bernina 560E floor model - $3199


  • Bernina 790 and 880 Club. Second Thursday at 12:30. Free
  • Bernina Club - Second Tuesday at 6:00. Free. Open to all Bernina enthusiasts regardless of machine. Come and join fellow Bernina owners to learn, share, and have fun. Presentations, demos, hands-on, show and tell, and open discussion. Bring your questions.

Tip of the Month - Dual Feed vs the Walking Foot

Three ways top use the zig-zag stitch

(from The zigzag is an incredibly versatile stitch with both utilitarian and decorative applications. Here are 3 ways to use the zigzag stitch in your sewing projects.

Utilitarian Zigzag Stitch: The zigzag stitch has many utilitarian uses. It can be used to seam or hem knit fabrics, encase raw seam edges, attach trim or lace, and more. To make the most of your zigzag when using any utilitarian stitch, be sure to use the right style and size of needle, and pair this with the correct style and diameter thread.

Seam Edge Finish with the Zigzag Stitch: Finishing the raw edges of a seam with a zigzag stitch can add strength and keep raw edges from unraveling due to normal wear. To achieve a nice, flat zigzag stitch without puckering or tunneling, use an Overlock type foot.

Zigzag Satin Stitch: When you dial down the stitch length on a zigzag stitch, a dense set of stitches is created that makes a solid looking line—otherwise known as the satin stitch. This stitch can be used for edging, decorative stitching, and securing appliqué shapes. Because there is more bulk in a satin stitch than with an open zigzag, you need a different tool to help form a perfect stitch. An embroidery type foot is ideal for a satin stitch. When creating a zigzag satin stitch, be sure to stabilize your fabric or project to keep the satin stitch from tunneling or puckering. To avoid a heavy buildup of thread on the wrong side of the fabric, use a lightweight bobbin thread and decrease the upper thread tension for balance. The upper thread should show along the sides of the stitch on the bottom

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Bernina Special Edition – 350 Cotton & Steel

New Products – Bernina Toolbox Software & Bernina 460 Overlocker

DesignerPlus V8 is now available

Bernina Foot of the Month - 25% off that month

  • May - Leather Roller Foot #55
  • June - Lap Seam Foot #71
  • July - Clear Reverse Pattern Foot #34

Gently Used Machines for Sale

  • Bernina 880 Demo Machines. These machines were used by expert Bernina Trainers and were retired when teh new 880 Plus came out. Great price on Bernina's top of the line sewing and quilting machine.

Why buy from Mill House Quilts?

It is our belief that sewing should be a pleasant, trouble-free, and an enjoyable experience. Towards that end, and with devotion to customer service we offer an Added Value Commitment with each purchase of a new sewing machine. 

In addition to carrying the highest quality sewing, quilting and long arm machines we offer you unsurpassed instructional classes and lessons by experienced, knowledgeable staff that will take the time to understand your needs and meet those needs by matching you to the right machine at the best possible price. In addition we offer......