MagnaFingers Pick-up/Release Mint


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  • MagnaFingers is a magnetic pick-up tool for pins and needles that easily releases items so you don't hurt your fingers!
    - Strong Pick-up: Grabs items even in carpet, even things you can't see, using the strongest level of ceramic magnet (level 8)
    - Strong Hold: Holds over 100 straight pins
    - Easy Release: Releases so that you don't hurt your fingers on sharp pins and needles
    - Simple Function: Operates like a clothespin, with only two fingers
    - Releasing Pin Cushion: Drop pins on it as you sew, then release when you're finished
    - Multi-use: Also good for paperclips and staples, fish hooks, lost screws, and more
    - Teen-Invented: Invented and patented by 13-year-old Owen Cowan who spilled fish hooks on his carpet.
    - 3D printed: Small batch manufacturing gives us flexibility to offer fun colors